Canadian School

Programs Helen Doron English for Kindergartens/ Programy HDE do MŠ

The Didi the Dragon and Polly the Collie learning series covers 4 years of English language learning for pre-primary age classes. Students benefit from a variety of opportunities for learning, self-expression, and self-discovery through multiple mediums such as storytelling, music, drama, games, and cooperative activities with peers. The developmentally appropriate methodology is based on research and pedagogically sound practices

Polly and Didi are perfect for Kindergartens because:

  • They are active, joyful courses that help young children become familiar with English language, vocabulary and grammar though fun activities, stories, music and song.
  • They help children build important life skills, such as social interaction and self-esteem, which can provide a boost to later learning.
  • Lessons are designed to consider children’s need for encouragement and acknowledgement, even within a large group setting.