Canadian School

Denní studium/ Daily curriculum

Kanadská denní škola formou dopoledních nebo odpoledních kurzů s výukou anglického, českého a dalšího volitelného jazyka. Naši malí i velcí studenti jsou šťastní, že jsou s námi, že se mohou společně učit a prožívat s námi čas. Dokáží svou radost přinést do svého života  i do Vašich domovů. Program dle kanadských osnov je určen pro děti od 3. le. Jde o dvoujazyčný systém vzdělávání.

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The Canadian school is open in the mornings/ afternoons. (Languages: English, Czech, or German language. For any other language, please, contact us). We are very happy to spend the time together. We share our happiness with our small and big students who are able to find their joy and soak it into their lives and bring it to their families. The curriculum is suitable for kids from 3 years up.

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Canadian school kindergarten “ Ladybugs“ + “Little Bunnies” areas:

  • We establish a strong foundation for bi-lingual learning in the early years;
  • We help children make a smooth transition from home;
  • We allow children to gain the benefits of learning through relationships, and through play and inquiry;
  • We set children on a path of lifelong learning and nurture competencies that they will need to thrive in the world of today and tomorrow;
  • We approach children as unique individuals who live and learn within families and communities;
  • We support the creation of a learning environment that allows all children to feel comfortable in applying their unique ways of thinking and learning;
  • We are flexible to individual differences;
  • We provide every child with the kind of support he or she needs in order to develop: self-regulation, health, well-being, and a sense of security, emotional and social competence, curiosity, creativity, and confidence in learning, respect for diversity, supports engagement and ongoing dialogue with families about their children’s learning and development.