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There is nothing like it! The Didi the Dragon & Polly the Collie program is the most innovative and effective English learning experience for pre-primary grades available today.

Fun, original spoken English kindergarten activities and pre-school learning enhancement comes via the delightful characters Didi and Polly. They introduce 4 years of pre-primary school English classes, from nursery school through kindergarten. Curriculum and learning sets are specially designed by experts to impart the basics of English as a second language to children ages of 2 and 7 through song, dance, stories and play.

Qualified pre-school and kindergarten teachers, specially trained in this unique English as a second language learning method, use fun and encouragement to keep young children engaged and motivated.

Polly and Didi are perfect for Kindergartens because:

  • They are active, joyful courses that help young children become familiar with English language, vocabulary and grammar though fun activities, stories, music and song.
  • They help children build important life skills, such as social interaction and self-esteem, which can provide a boost to later learning.
  • Lessons are designed to consider children’s need for encouragement and acknowledgement, even within a large group setting.

Four years of learning: